Extras for externship students

Extras for externship students

Need activities to fill a student's down time? Try these.
Jan 01, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Part of an externship is to show students what everyday life at a practice is like. And as you know, not all days are go-go-go. To keep students busy when the practice is slow, try these suggestions from Amy Butzier, BS, MEd, CVT, an assistant professor of veterinary technology at Mount Ida College in Newton, Mass.

1. Pick a few articles from your favorite professional journals and pull three of four questions from each text. Then assign the articles as needed to the student to read and answer your questions.

2. Arrange for the student to watch an interesting procedure or surgery—and take detailed notes. Then during down time, discuss his or her notes about the experience.

3. Make a list of certain products and equipment around your practice. Then send the student on a scavenger hunt to locate each item and explain its use.

These activities may require a little prep work, but when the student is looking for more to do you'll be glad you took the extra time.