End front vs. back battles

End front vs. back battles

Jan 01, 2008

Sick of the communication gaps and the infighting about policy changes that often occur between front and back office team members? Crystal Steen, a receptionist at Pet Care Vet in Virginia Beach, Va., suggests electing area liaisons.

One technician and one receptionist fill this leadership role. They communicate information and policies, act as the first point of contact to resolve conflicts, and represent their team at the other area's meetings.

Use these tips to incorporate area liaisons:

  • Create a description for the position, outlining the responsibilities and your expectations.
  • Invite interested team members to apply.
  • Interview each applicant, and select area liaisons based on merit, performance, and qualifications.
"The area liaisons address minor issues in the practice, allowing the office manager and doctors to focus on the major ones," says Steen, the reception area liaison. "It's also a wonderful opportunity for budding leaders to develop their skills."