Employees can still—and will—leave employers

Feb 26, 2009
By dvm360.com staff

With the national unemployment rate at 7.5 percent, many Americans are scrambling to send out resumes. And that goes for those currently employed. A recent survey conducted by strategic research group Ipsos Public Affairs shows that 26 percent of employed Americans plan to send out resumes in 2009. While 19 percent of that 26 percent report their motivation comes from fear of being laid off, almost 37 percent say they’re looking for more money. A mere 7 percent said now wasn’t a good time to look for work.

Although the number of workers on the job hunt may be larger than expected during a recession, the statistics are comparable to those from 2008. Hourly workers are slightly less likely to send out resumes in 2009 than 2008, and salaried workers and job-holders 55 years old and up are a little more likely to jump ship this year than last.