Employee fatigue sweeping the nation

Does your job at the veterinary clinic wear you down? If so, you're not alone.
Nov 15, 2011
By dvm360.com staff

Doing more with less: something most veterinary team members have gotten used to over the last few years. But what kind of toll is this taking on your health? In a recent survey of HR managers, 81 percent agreed that employee fatigue is a bigger problem than in years past. According to the Workforce Management survey, major culprits are reduced headcount, lack of boundaries between work and home life, and a culture of wanting to do it all. According to the study, it’s a perfect storm of employers cutting their workforces as far as they can and workers being stretched as far as they can—doing more with less.

In another survey of U.S. workers, more than half of respondents reported feeling fatigued at the end the workday, and at least 40 percent of all age groups said their jobs made them depressed. Unfortunately, because of the weak job market, the study found that employees are afraid to talk about how tired they are. They don’t want to be perceived as someone who’s not doing more than they should, even without a raise, because they don’t want to lose their job.

Some companies are taking measures to ensure employee morale remains intact, such as barring employees from working through lunch or even eating lunch at their desk. Click here for 10 more tips to beat fatigue and take better care of yourself.