Efficiency study: How to do more with less

Efficiency study: How to do more with less

Feb 04, 2009

Evaluate the efficiency of your outpatient client process in two steps using VMC Inc.'s Excel worksheets.

These worksheets will help you determine:

  • Actual and average client waiting times in the reception area, exam room, and checkout on a daily and weekly basis
  • Average length of time technicians, assistants, and doctors spend on outpatient procedures
  • Waiting times during different days of the week and at different times of the day
  • Which day of the week and time of day has the longest waiting time.

This information will also help you:

  • Determine staff schedules and staffing requirements
  •  Schedule appointments more efficiently
  • Determine team members' efficiency
  • Identify inefficient procedures that may cause delays in the outpatient process.

To download these worksheets, click here.