Don't settle for second-rate

It's better to be down a doctor than to hire a sub par associate.
Oct 01, 2008

Q: When a doctor left our practice last week, I was relieved. She openly disagreed with our hospital's vision. But now that the work is piling up, the practice is considering asking her back. How can I convince my team that this is a bad idea?

Brian Conrad
Your team members may think a sub par doctor is better than no doctor, but that isn't so, says Brian Conrad, CVPM, practice manager at Meadow Hills Veterinary Center in Kennewick, Wash. Your team and the clients and pets you serve are your hospital's most important assets, he says. A doctor who lacks any traits your practice values will slowly but surely contaminate these assets. Even though they might not realize it, your team members want what you want: to hire an associate who agrees with your practice's goals.

So try pointing out the positives. First, waiting to hire the best doctor will help your practice and patients in the long run. Second, the vacant position provides opportunities for team members to grow. Train more team members to take radiographs, draw blood samples, and educate clients. And while you're at it, work on finding ways to use the existing doctors' time more efficiently.