Don't hide from change in the veterinary clinic—dive in

Don't hide from change in the veterinary clinic—dive in

It's happening anyway, so get on board and get on with your career.
May 02, 2018

The veterinary field is one of constant change. From evolving medical protocols and management shakeups right down to your topsy-turvy flow of daily appointments, something is always lying in wait to make waves—and possibly make you uncomfortable.

But if upheaval is the norm, why not get used to it? Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM, says it's to your advantage.

"Accepting change means that you're going to be more successful at managing it as it comes to you," he says.

And there's this: Halow says that when you're going with the flow instead of being in a huff, you're more prepared to deal with your day.

"You're a better problem solver when you're grounded and calm," he says.

What's more, accepting the new way makes you more open to future change and better suited to navigate it successfully and quickly, he says.

Listen to this excerpt from the webinar "Think of change as a jingle in your pocket: How veterinary professionals can benefit from embracing the new" for more.

Wait—before you go!

Here's another teaser from the webinar: When you need to vent about change, do it. Don't keep it in. But then move on, Halow recommends.

It may feel cathartic to unload about goings on in the clinic, but Halow says this can also keep bad vibes hanging around.

"We believe that venting is positive because it 'blows off steam,'" he says, "but in the longer term, it delays your ability to return to a more rational way of thinking and keeps you feeling bad longer."

Being the clinic's black cloud isn't just bad for your clients and teammates either: "Scientists have shown that negative thinking compromises the human brain's cognitive abilities," Halow says.

Listen to this clip for more.

You. Can. Do. This!

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