Diverse clients, diverse wants

Diverse clients, diverse wants

Different ethnic groups may share similar preferences, and learning them helps bond clients to your practice.
Aug 01, 2008
By dvm360.com staff

How do you figure out what clients want? You ask, says Sheila Grosdidier, BS, RVT. While Grosdidier stresses that each client may have different preferences, the clinics she works with did find some trends in what clients were looking for. Their clients told them they more often wanted to pay with cash. They liked the option to budget care over several visits. And some wanted appointments late in the evening to accommodate their work schedules.

What would your clients tell you if you asked? When you invite pet owners to share their preferences, Grosdidier says they feel like valuable clients instead of invisible people.

"I've worked with several practices where they have clients who don't speak any English," Grosdidier says. "In these cases you may not be speaking with the owner. So you have to communicate clearly so the translation is smooth. If you're confirming an appointment, you might say, 'Would you like us to confirm your appointment with your daughter?'"

It's also valuable to follow up with printed highlights of the appointment. And when appropriate, it's nice to have this information translated into other languages.