Dental training: Team training tools

Feb 12, 2013
By staff

Use these team training tools, patient care forms, and client education handouts to customize your practice’s educational team meeting and prepare to tackle the tough topic of dental care and pets.

Team training

> What’s your role? How every team member cares for teeth

> Drill team: 5 ways to boost your practice’s dental program

> 10 ideas for increasing veterinary dental services

> Tooth truths: Even more ways to boost dental compliance

> 7 ways to give veterinary dental recommendations

> Sample script: Talk to clients about brushing their pets' teeth

> Sample script: Remind, remind, remind about dental care

> Educate your clients about dental home care for their pets

Patient care

> How to perform a thorough dental exam

> How to obtain the best dental radiographs

> Image quiz: What’s wrong with this dog’s teeth?

> 9 types of oral pathology

Client education handouts

> Dandy’s day at the dentist

> How does your pet’s mouth look?

> A guide to brushing your pet’s teeth

> Dental health client letter