Dangle a CE carrot

Dangle a CE carrot

Sep 01, 2007

Carol Schubert
How do I get team members interested in continuing education (CE)?

Consider these ideas from Carol Schubert, MBA, RVT, CVPM, a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and co-owner of http://VetMedTeam.com/:

1. Set a good example by pursuing training opportunities.

2. Establish CE attendance as a job requirement and include the responsibility in your job descriptions.

3. Offer in-house learning opportunities.

4. Budget practice time and funds for team members to attend training or complete courses online. And consider any transportation, hotel, and meal costs.

5. Compensate team members for time spent at conferences or events.

6. Add perks to CE engagements, such as entertainment.

7. Ask team members to present summaries of what they learned at the next staff meeting.

8. Tie CE to evaluations and pay raises.

Editor's note: To learn more about Firstline Live and other CE opportunities, visit http://thecvc.com/