Confronting burnout

Confronting burnout

Feb 01, 2006

Q. I'm feeling overwhelmed and ready to quit. How can I renew my love for veterinary medicine?

Christiane Holbrook
"Your first instinct may be to quit your job and find something else. But the solution may be as simple as redefining your job," says Christiane Holbrook, founder and coach of Legacy in Action in Pasadena, Calif. The first step: Look for something new that you feel passionate about.

For example, perhaps you're interested in behavior. This might be the chance to talk to the boss about offering a clicker training workshop at your practice. "Give yourself a new job that you look forward to," Holbrook says.

Continuing education also could spark an exciting new interest. "Ask yourself, 'What could I do to feel like an important part of the team?'" Holbrook says. "Perhaps you can learn about radiography and fill in when the regular radiography technician is busy or out of the office."