Complete team training tools—free

With Firstline's Team Meeting in a (Virtual) Box, you'll get everything you need to run a positive and productive educational team meeting in your very own practice.
Jun 23, 2011
By staff

Handouts, trainer scripts, activities—Firstline's Team Meeting in a (Virtual) Box is your complete source for effective in-practice continuing education. Each meeting in a box covers 360 degrees of a single topic, providing all the tools you need to entertain, engage, and thoroughly train your veterinary team members.

Here’s how it works:

Each meeting is broken down into four 15-minute parts, allowing you to hold four shorter meetings or one longer one, whichever schedule is best for your practice. In each meeting part, you’ll find downloadable trainer tools including a narrated meeting guide complete with background information, as well as a detailed script to follow during the actual meeting. You’ll also find activity ideas, plus all the tools you need to complete the activities. There are even follow-up activities to ensure team members retain the important information. Finally, you’ll also find materials to help your team educate and communicate with clients.

Here’s what you get out of it:

Frequent educational meetings train team members to offer better client and patient care and, as a result, boost the practice’s bottom line. Highly functioning veterinary practices hold regular educational meetings for their team members—and we have the statistics to prove it:

  • 68 percent of Well-Managed Practices hold internal CF meetings at least once a month, according to Benchmarks 2008: A Study of Well-Managed Practices.
  • 25 percent of these practices hold weekly in-practice educational team meetings.
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