Clinic closes in on pet overpopulation problem

Clinic closes in on pet overpopulation problem

Mar 04, 2009
By staff

Each year about 5 million animals nationwide are euthanized due to lack of available shelter space. To address this national epidemic, the Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter clinic has designed a program to train organizations to open and operate strategically placed, self-sustaining spay and neuter clinics across the country. One such clinic is about to open in Naples, Fla.

After raising more than $85,000, Collier Spay Neuter Clinic (CSNC) is still $35,000 shy of opening the area’s first high-volume, high-quality, low-cost spay neuter clinic. Once open, the clinic will be capable of performing a minimum of 25 surgeries per day with one veterinarian, or 7,500 surgeries within its first year. This is a welcomed estimate for a county that euthanized more than 6,000 homeless animals in 2009 alone.

Based off the Humane Alliance model, CSNC is will provide transportation for those in need of spay and neuter services in surrounding counties and rural communities.

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