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Client communication for managers

FIRSTLINE: Jun 24, 2016
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest—it doesn't matter which social media platforms your veterinary practice has its hooks in. Want to succeed? You can't just talk AT gotta talk TO people!
VETTED: Jun 17, 2016
By staff
dvm360 expert Brian Conrad, CVPM, gets black and white about the benefits of therapeutic diets, how to sell them to clients and how to convince veterinary hospital management that it's a totally brilliant idea.
VETTED: Jun 13, 2016
Don’t judge pet owners who get their advice from TV trainers—guide them toward a better outcome with these thoughtful tips from a behavior expert and a certified professional dog trainer.
Here are five simple reasons I see better outcomes and happier clients when everyone in my veterinary hospital offers estimates and treatment plans every time.
By staff
It's sooo easy. And you're not doing it. Stop hiding from it and use these super-simple steps to make forward booking work for your veterinary practice.
FIRSTLINE: May 25, 2016
Pew Research data puts the percentage of pet owners between the ages of 18 and 29 at 58 percent. That means more than half of today's pet owners belong to the generation of people who don't check voicemail, prefer texting to talking and are eager to share opinions and reviews online.
FIRSTLINE: May 18, 2016
Sexual harassment is no joking matter. Whether you’re at the front desk like Rhonda or alone with a client in the exam room, you deserve to feel safe at work.
FIRSTLINE: May 13, 2016
Convincing clients to invest in flea preventives BEFORE they spy a flea can be a touchy subject. Prevent the conversation from becoming too prickly with this handout.
FIRSTLINE: May 11, 2016
Answer these five questions to discover your MQ (millennial quotient).
source-image May 06, 2016
By staff
Do you suffer from flea fatigue? Just imagine how your poor, grossed-out clients feel. Win the war on fleas with these tools and resources! (With an educational grant provided by Zoetis)
FIRSTLINE: May 05, 2016
A client calls with an unbelievable tale (and zero remorse).
FIRSTLINE: May 03, 2016
Is bigger better, smaller more streamlined, medium most manageable? VHMA set out to determine if the size of a practice can influence the quality of services, contentment of staff and a practice’s economic viability.
VETTED: Apr 29, 2016
The words you use to frame the importance of pain control in veterinary patients can make all the difference in their world.
source-image Apr 28, 2016
Our veterinary leadership sessions will help you not just assume a role, but actively bring about change.
VETTED: Apr 26, 2016
At least it doesn’t have to be. Let your practice software help!