Celebrate Technicians

Celebrate Technicians

Sep 01, 2006

You have a whole week to recognize these blood-drawing, anesthesia-monitoring, animal-loving team members Oct. 15 to 21. Not sure what to do? Try some of these ideas from Nancy Allen, a Firstline Editorial Advisory Board member and the practice manager at Olathe Animal Hospital in Olathe, Kan.

1. Spotlight your technicians. "Last year, we put technician's pictures on our monthly client education board in our lobby," Allen says.

2 . Throw a party. During their weekly staff meeting, Allen says the team recognized their technicians with a cake and cards for all of the technicians that everyone signed.

3 . Give a gift. Olathe Animal Hospital has rewarded technicians with gift certificates to restaurants and stores.

"We try to acknowledge the wonderful work they do and let them know how much we appreciate them," Allen says.