Celebrate a special technician

Celebrate a special technician

Oct 01, 2005
By dvm360.com staff

Drs. Mark Shackelford and Lou Ann Wolfe have a few things in common: They both work at practices on the same street in Tulsa, Okla., and they both have a team member who shines. For Dr. Shackelford, that person is Kimberly Seigrist, RVT.

"Kimberly is eager to be here any time we need her, and that's not easy with a husband and small son at home," says Dr. Mark Shackelford, co-owner of the 15th Street Veterinary Group. "She cheerfully handles emergencies when she's on call, and she has a special talent for comforting people during euthanasias," he says.

Dr. Lou Ann Wolfe, associate veterinarian at Jacox Animal Hospital, has similar words of praise for her veterinary assistant, Shannon Elkins. "She's a single mom with two children, yet she's always willing to come in after hours and help with an emergency or to bring in one of her own Doberman pinchers to donate blood for a transfusion," Dr. Wolfe says. Dr. Wolfe also appreciates Elkins' attentive care for recovering surgical patients. "More than once her quick action has saved lives," says Dr. Wolfe. "She refuses to be distracted until the animal is stable."

Is there a special technician or assistant in your practice? Celebrate their efforts during National Veterinary Technician Week, Oct. 9 to 15. Visit http://www.navta.net/ for ways to recognize your co-workers. You could also nominate yourself or a co-worker for the Firstline MVP award, sponsored by C.E.T. University. Visit http://firstlinemag.com/ for more.