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Career development for managers

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Aug 26, 2016
It's CVC Kansas City time, and we've got all the details on the finalists for the dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year contest.
VETTED: Aug 23, 2016
"It's not you, it's me." ... Well, OK, maybe it is you, says Bash Halow, LVT, CVPM. In this episode, he pulls back the curtain on veterinary consultancy. Are YOU the problem in your practice?
VETTED: Aug 10, 2016
And in a world of veterinarians who aren't as interested in business and need someone there to help manage, guide and analyze, well, there's the CVPMs.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 14, 2016
A reminder that what works in life also works in the veterinary clinic.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 10, 2016
By staff
If team members are fleeing your veterinary practice, it just might be for one of these reasons--their top 10 frustrations in practice.
VETTED: Jun 29, 2016
When it comes to having it all as a veterinarian, there are a few things you need to give up too.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 22, 2016
Though "corporate veterinary practice" might seem like a dirty word to you, don't hit up the want ads just yet.
VETTED: Jun 16, 2016
You know her as oncologist Dr. Sue Cancer Vet, the force behind the See Something, Do Something early cancer detection campaign. This could also be the tagline for her life adventures thus far.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 21, 2016
Don't be a pawn in your professional life. Take action and attack these four fantastic opportunities for team members ready to focus on better client and pet care.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 13, 2016
By staff
Data from the 2016 Firstline Career Path Study shows team members' hourly pay. How does yours compare with these numbers?
By staff
This interactive map collects information on laws governing nonveterinarians owning or partly owning veterinary practices as relatively traditional corporations. Remember that laws are always changing, some attorneys have new ways to allow nonveterinary ownership, and your success will be based on the appropriate practice agreement you craft with your own lawyer. Now dive in!
You don't need charisma to be a great leader. Be your "authentic self" as a leader in your veterinary hospital and see what happens. (Unless your authentic self is horrible, and then watch this video to fix yourself, please.)
VETTED: Feb 19, 2016
My path: Accept myself and hone my skills in the areas in which I excel to have the greatest impact, no matter what my role.
FIRSTLINE: Jan 08, 2016
Long shifts. A stressful, emotional environment. These ingredients can create an unpalatable mix that leads to skimping on sleep, dodging exercise and reaching for junk food. Team health challenges just might be the spice to get your team on the track in the new year.
FIRSTLINE: Dec 28, 2015
Use these five tips to overcome compassion fatigue and burnout (and learn to tell the difference).