Bundled boarding pampers pets—and profits

Feb 01, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Woodland Veterinary Hospital in Woodland, Calif., recently bundled its boarding services to offer two levels of overnight stays. Basic boarding, now known as the Pampered Pet package, includes a standard kennel, three daily strolls, and regular bedding changes and cleaning, says office manager Jessica Reyes. Top-tier boarding, called the Pampered Pet Plus package, is available for both the standard and luxury boarding rooms. In addition to the basic stay, this package includes an individual play session, a treadmill or cuddle session, a fluff and brush time, and a Kong play-time treat each day. "We created the packages to offer more one-on-one time with kennel staff members," Reyes says. There's also a financial plus for clients and the practice. When pet owners purchase a package, they save in the long run because the overall price is less than if the services were purchased individually. However, the practice ends up increasing revenue because more pet owners are opting for the packages.