BizQuiz: Are you ready to own a veterinary practice?

BizQuiz: Are you ready to own a veterinary practice?

Take this quiz to learn whether you've got an owner's vision or you're stuck in an employee's mindset.
Jul 30, 2014
By staff

You're considering veterinary practice ownership. Are you really ready, or do you need to grow some before the role fits? Take the quiz below, clicking on the answer that best fits you to see whether you're thinking more like an owner or an employee. If you get more "employee" answers, you might need to try on some other roles before jumping into ownership. But if you get more "owner" answers, we've sized you up as someone who just might be ready to own. 


1. It’s 3 a.m. and you get a call that relates to the practice. You are:

A: upset. Work-related issues shouldn’t be part of your private time.

B: immediately up and ready to go. The practice’s problems are yours—any time.

2. The idea of handling the business aspects of a veterinary practice:

A: leaves you in a cold sweat.

B: excites you—or at least doesn’t terrify you.

3. Taking on a large amount of debt is a good way to:

A: invest in your own future.

B: get into financial trouble.

4. Team building is:

A: more effective when left to the team, such as managers or technicians.

B: something a practice owner must watch over and foster.

5. You’re interested in mentoring new associates, as well as upper-level technicians and managers.

A: True

B: False

6. Work-life balance is:

A: possible for anyone to achieve, new practice owners included.

B: something veterinarians and employees get after paying their dues.