BizQuiz: Can you temper team conflict? (Answer 3b)

BizQuiz: Can you temper team conflict? (Answer 3b)

May 20, 2010
By staff

3) B—Wrong.

We all discuss team members' difficulties sometimes. It's natural. Just make sure the comments don't get out of hand. When you complain or spread the idea that team members aren’t good at their jobs, you aren’t helping. Instead, you’re just sprinkling discontent on everyone’s day.

If a co-worker's performance problems are affecting the quality of client or patient care, talk calmly and productively with that co-worker. You may not know the whole story, or the co-worker may not know she's making mistakes. Give the benefit of the doubt, and remember to keep your conversations factual and productive. Save the venting for your cat or dog at home; they're all ears.

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