BizQuiz: Can you temper team conflict? (Answer 2c)

BizQuiz: Can you temper team conflict? (Answer 2c)

May 20, 2010
By staff

2) C—Right.

The only time your ears should be ringing is when you're in a kennel full of barking dogs before feeding time. Your co-workers should never be the ones barking at each other at high volume—especially over small stuff. Yelling and loud arguments is bad for morale, bad for patient care, and really bad manners in front of clients, who'll start to wonder whether anyone there is paying enough attention to administer proper medicine.

Disagreements and arguments should be handled behind closed doors and never when participants are furious at each other. Address repetitive small issues or egregious big issues at the appropriate time with a co-worker or a manager. Suggestions and complaints shouldn't be public displays and shouldn't be discussed in the heat of the moment or in front of clients.

If team members aren't being listened to when it comes to new ideas and changes to workflow, encourage your manager—or the owner—to set up a suggestion box or something similar. Everyone from kennel attendants to the veterinary technicians should be free to offer ideas and discuss them—peacefully—with fellow team members and the managers who can approve them. Shared changes work better when everyone had a chance to speak and everyone can contribute.

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