BizQuiz: Can you battle job burnout? (Answer 3A)

BizQuiz: Can you battle job burnout? (Answer 3A)

May 07, 2010
By staff

3) A—Wrong.

What are you, a labor union of one? A work slowdown doesn't help your cause, and it hurts your clients, your patients, and your co-workers. If you're overworked, take it up with the boss.

Sit down and have a calm conversation with the manager responsible for scheduling. Tell your manager you're struggling to balance work and personal life. Remember to be reasonable about what needs to be done to cover shifts and keep a positive attitude. Bring a solution with you when you come. Here's a terrific example veterinary consultant Debbie Allaben Gair, CVPM, gave in a recent article: “I am unable to work late every night. I am willing to work late three nights a week for 90 days while we get through this tough time. By August 1, I really need to get back to one or two late nights a week. Would that be helpful?”

When you bring your ideas for a solution, the conversation changes from a complaint session to a problem-solving session. You'll feel better about taking the initiative—better than you would trying to slow down to snail speed to passive-aggressively punish your boss.

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