BizQuiz: Can you battle job burnout? (Answer 2A)

BizQuiz: Can you battle job burnout? (Answer 2A)

May 07, 2010
By staff

2) A—Wrong.

When you start answers with "Our policy is … , " you're like a parent answering a child's question with, "Because I said so." Clients deserve to know why your practice protocols serve patient health and client peace-of-mind. And you’ll stop them from engaging you in conflict when you genuinely try to solve their problem.

If a client is complaining, ask them to explain what happened so you can better understand. When you respond, stay calm, don't raise your voice, and slow down your vocal pace. If what's done is done and you can't fix it, end the conversation with a sincere response: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you hadn’t highlighted this for me, we would not have known this was a problem. We will talk about this issue at our next staff meeting, and it will give us the opportunity to improve our services for you and others.”

When a number of clients complain about the same problem, become a positive force in customer service by brainstorming solutions and discussing them at a team meeting or taking them to your manager.

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