B-I-N-G-O—and bingo is the game-o!

B-I-N-G-O—and bingo is the game-o!

Jul 01, 2012
By dvm360.com staff

When I notice team members need little reminders to do tasks, we play veterinary bingo. Each team member gets a card filled with tasks. The first team member to fill up the card before the month is up receives a $50 gift card. I try to focus on things that wow our clients and generate income. For example, the cards might include these tasks:

  • Start a new patient on heartworm and flea control
  • Carry food out to the car for a client
  • Start an overweight cat or dog on diet food
  • Do something nice for a co-worker
  • Start a dog or cat on glucosamine chews
  • Recover a client who stopped visiting the practice five or more years ago
  • Sell soap-free shampoo to a topical flea control user
  • Ask a client if he or she would like a cup of coffee
  • Thoroughly review pre-operative blood work with a surgery drop off
  • Educate a new puppy owner about obedience classes
  • Schedule a dental cleaning during a routine checkout

When we play bingo, team members review the card daily and put on their thinking caps during every appointment. It helps us boost client satisfaction, reminds team members about the services we offer, and generates income.

—Kim Fish, practice manager
Seville Animal Hospital
Seville, Ohio