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Client relations

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Nov 01, 2001

Canines and felines with diabetes mellitus require a considerable investment in time for both the client and clinician.

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 01, 2001

This has been a difficult year for horses and weather.

First we had spring forest fires in the west that lead to emergency evacuations and disruption of pastureland for horses in that area.

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Sep 01, 2001
You open the door to the exam room. On the other side of the table and occupying what seems to be half the room sits John Smith, 20 minutes late and weighing 350 pounds. Beside him is his similarly obese Saint Bernard, Ranger- restless and salivating onto all flat surfaces
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jun 01, 2001

Q I see a few novice pedigree dog breeders in my practice. Please provide a concise review about natural delivery of puppies and information that these novice breeders could benefit from reading.

DVM360 MAGAZINE: Apr 01, 2001
Recently there has been a lot of discussion on AABP-L concerning a Web site that advertises prescription drugs at very low prices.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 01, 2001
By staff
If I was in charge of veterinary school curriculum, I would make "Rural Navigation and Communications" a required class for senior veterinary students.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Jan 01, 2001
I waited politely while the two young men seated next to me finished their conversation.
FIRSTLINE: Jun 01, 1999
Every practice loses some clients. Here's how to find out if your client losses add up to a drop in the bucket or a hemorrhaging wound to your client base--and how to staunch the flow of pet owners leaving your hospital.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 01, 1999
Practice success depends on lavishing your valuable customers with royal treatment. Here's how to offer first-class service.
FIRSTLINE: Feb 01, 1999
You'll never avoid client conflicts completely, but you can face confrontations with less stress if you focus on finding the treasure in the tribulation.