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Client relations

FIRSTLINE: Mar 19, 2018
These Fear Free cat carrier tips complement the low-stress measures you’re taking in your veterinary clinic.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 15, 2018
The latest installment in the Nationwide Purdue Veterinary Price Index digs deeper into GP vs. specialist, corporate vs. "Main Street" practice, and urban vs. suburban vs. rural. It's all based on millions of receipts from the pet insurance provider's database from 2009 to 2017.
VETTED: Mar 14, 2018
A dvm360 pie chart.
FIRSTLINE: Mar 13, 2018
Your veterinary client thinks that heartworms are nothing more than a made up scam for money. Here's how I like to steer them straight.
FIRSTLINE: Mar 09, 2018
You know that wellness plans are a great way to keep Barnaby healthy, but your veterinary clients may need some convincing (which is OK!). With preparation and practice, you can explain the value of this preventive care program.
Veterinary clients reveal that when it comes to shots versus pills, convenience can absolutely outweigh cost.
source-image Mar 07, 2018
By staff
Is it just us or does it feel like fleas are just everywhere? When veterinary clients don't see the need for year-round prevention, you and your team have your work cut out for you. Here's help. (With an educational grant provided by Zoetis)
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 06, 2018
At Fetch dvm360 in San Diego, we wanted to know the real reasons veterinary clients choose one route of administration over the other.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Mar 05, 2018
An appearance before the state veterinary board brings up a larger issue: If a board’s composition doesn’t reflect the professionals it oversees, can it fairly pass judgment?
FIRSTLINE: Mar 02, 2018
We know that vaccines train the immune system to react quickly to certain diseases. Let veterinary clients with new puppies know all about how awesome vaccination is in this printable PDF client handout.