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DVM360 MAGAZINE: Oct 05, 2015
By staff
Despite lack of criminal indictment, TBVME charges veterinarian accused of killing cat with a bow and arrow with animal cruelty.
How a 41-pound feline shrunk to 19 pounds—and how his success can help your overweight patients.
FIRSTLINE: Aug 20, 2015
Whining about your pay gets you nowhere. Learn why your bosses aren’t paying you more. Then bust through their excuses (ahem: reasons) to earn more at your veterinary practice.
DVM360 MAGAZINE: Aug 01, 2015
This Toronto hospital has clients beating down the doors requesting a lower-stress approach to veterinary care.
source-image Jul 24, 2015
Depending on your point of view, Bill S.1200 may seem like a great measure or a bad penny. But the Fairness to Pet Owners Act has been revived and you may have to deal with it.
source-image Jul 22, 2015
By staff
Follow the patient's lead and learn so much more
May 27, 2015
We have data showing what stresses you out, responses from your industry peers, and 22 stress-hacks that could actually change your life.
May 17, 2015
By staff
From sweet to sad (and sometimes silly) these confessions give you insights into the real lives of veterinary professionals from around the country.
May 08, 2015
Dr. Andy Roark lists out some of the top signs you've fallen out of love with your veterinary job.
source-image May 01, 2015
Veterinarians, veterinary team members and other folks in the veterinary industry poured out a little of their heart and soul on colorful postcards at CVC Washington, D.C. Find out more about this Vet Confessionals Project as well as new data and stories about burnout, compassion fatigue, mental health and job satisfaction.