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FIRSTLINE: May 13, 2009
Here's how to take the emotion out of termination.
FIRSTLINE: May 07, 2009
Here's an easy way to take the edge away from Internet pharmacies.
FIRSTLINE: Apr 22, 2009
Have you been given the task of creating a Web site? Here's where to begin.
FIRSTLINE: Mar 23, 2009
Here are three tips for how to adapt to the new doctor—without fighting
FIRSTLINE: Mar 16, 2009
Learn what to ask clients to lock in compliance.
FIRSTLINE: Mar 12, 2009
Tracking your total clients doesn't tell you the whole story.
FIRSTLINE: Dec 04, 2008
Strong bonds with clients make for healthy pets, profitable practices, and fruitful careers.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 19, 2008
Turnover is a perennial problem. Learn what you'll face in the new year—and how to ease the strain.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 29, 2008
Work gets done in a group when every individual is motivated. Here's how to get people going.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 23, 2008
When a group of team members gets together, less gets done. Why? Social loafing. Learn how to stop this efficiency-busting phenomenon.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 18, 2008
Change sends team members into a tailspin. Shawn McVey explains how to prevent the turmoil.
FIRSTLINE: Sep 17, 2008
This video explains why money matters, even when you're not the owner.
FIRSTLINE: May 20, 2008
Learn how to encourage your doctor or manager to pursue an idea for change with you.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 31, 2007
By staff
In this video, Dr. Dennis Cloud shares the advice he gives his associates to help them get clients on board with recommendations for care.
Jul 02, 2007
Shawn McVey explains emotional intelligence.