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Audio and video for technicians

source-image Feb 16, 2018
He's a TV star, architect of Fear Free practice and a plain old practitioner. Come along and get to know this one-of-a-kind personality.
FIRSTLINE: Jan 16, 2018
Dealing with co-workers can be as stressful as handling patients, says this vet tech.
FIRSTLINE: Nov 30, 2017
These treats are not only dog approved, they’re waistline-friendly, thanks to Dr. Ernie Ward.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 26, 2017
Listen up if you want to hang on to your crucial team members.
FIRSTLINE: Oct 17, 2017
This VTS shares a low-stress handling win from the real world.
source-image Sep 13, 2017
Get an über-tech's take on the national credential initiative, career development in the veterinary field and what it's like to spend childhood as a hopeful mechanical robot hero.
Aug 25, 2017
By staff
Breathe easier about your rebreather. Stop being intimidated by intubation. If you know dead space is more than just a popular video game, you're off to a great start!
FIRSTLINE: Aug 03, 2017
By staff
Technicians, get ready to digest the diagnostics that help you become key advisors in the workup of patients with gastrointestinal disease.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 29, 2017
By staff
Dr. Garret Pachtinger shares the many reasons felines and canines vary in medical responses—especially when it comes to drug doses.
VETTED: Jul 18, 2017
Emergency and critical care specialist Dr. Garret Pachtinger shares the veterinary monitors he couldn’t live without and explains why they’re so vital.
FIRSTLINE: Jul 14, 2017
1. Stop staring so much at cats, dogs. (Seriously) 2. Step up. Those patients need your advocacy!
FIRSTLINE: May 12, 2017
I spent $82.97 on cat food puzzles. Here's what I learned.
FIRSTLINE: May 03, 2017
Get your online feline fix in five clips.
FIRSTLINE: May 01, 2017
Enthusiasm is a great trait for veterinary team members … as long as they don't overwhelm pet owners.
Apr 12, 2017
Hospice and euthanasia are all about timing. Dr. Mary Gardner offers to guide clients through the process of their final gift to their pet—saying goodbye.