Ask Katie: Can’t work with them, can’t find a replacement

Ask Katie: Can’t work with them, can’t find a replacement

When veterinary team members are shirking their duties and there isn’t exactly a line of applicants willing to replace them, what are you to do? Our practice management expert Katie Adams, CVPM, has answers.
Jul 05, 2018

Photo: Shutterstock.comQ: How do you handle underperforming employees—who are only there part-time and clearly don’t want to be there—when no one else is applying for the job?

A: First thing’s first: Examine your hiring process. Did you offer your part-time people clear expectations for their role and provide proper training?

Next, take a good look at your culture. Is your work environment positive and inclusive? If not, you should take measures to make sure they’re the best that they can be.

Finally, you need to schedule one-on-one meetings with the team members in question. Let them know specifically what you’re seeing that leads you to believe they’re not interested in their job. Listen to their responses carefully—are there underlying issues you need to address? Or is this role simply not the best fit for them? If the latter is true, you’re better off letting them go.

Underperforming employees do more harm than good, so even though no one else is applying, that underperformer still needs to get off your bus. It’s better to hold out for the right person than simply settle for a warm body.

Katie Adams, CVPM, is director of curriculum development at veterinary education provider Ignite Veterinary Solutions based in Austin, Texas.

filling the gap

Obviously under performers and toxic employees need to go. Every management consultant preaches that. What this article and none others answer is what the title of this article infers...what to do during the gap? THere is still a need for the position or it wouldn't exist. If you get rid of the under performer and hold out for "the right hire" the position is now severely underperforming. What to do about that is the real question that no one has attempted to answer.