Ask Amy: Reminders: Third time's the charm

Ask Amy: Reminders: Third time's the charm

Mar 01, 2008
By staff

My team members are anxious about calling clients for third reminders. Can you offer a sample script to make these awkward conversations a little easier?

—Nervous Nelly

Dear Nervous:

Keep these calls short and sweet, using gentle, accurate words to deliver your message. Most clients probably don't mind a phone call, particularly if the first two reminders were written. There's also a good chance you'll end up leaving a message. However, you'll want the appropriate charts in hand when making these calls in case clients answer the phone and ask questions.

Here's a script for a quick, friendly reminder:

"Hi, this is Jody at Animal Care Hospital. I'm calling to let you know it's time for Lady's annual physical exam and heartworm and fecal exams. It's been over a year since she visited last and regular exams are important to keep her as healthy as possible."

If you're speaking to the client, you can say, "Can I answer any questions before we schedule Lady's appointment?"

If you're leaving a message, you'll add, "Please let us know when you'd like to schedule your appointment or if you have any questions. You can reach us at 555-1234."

Now reach out and touch someone!