Ask Amy: Get prescriptions out the door

Ask Amy: Get prescriptions out the door

Jan 01, 2008
By staff

Our receptionists often forget to give clients their pets' medications before they leave our practice. I created a hanging prescription filing system to simplify the process, but that hasn't resolved the problem. I've approached my managers about the issue, but they don't seem concerned. What should I do?


Dear Organized,

If your managers don't see the problem, it may be difficult to make real change. But give it another try.

Talk first to the receptionists and see whether the group can brainstorm a solution that might work better. Maybe moving the location where the medications are stored will help flag records easier.

If the group creates the solution, it's more likely to work than if one person's idea is forced on them. After your team makes a plan, approach your managers and see whether they're open to change. Most likely, they'll agree if it helps improve client service and patient care.