Ask Amy: Clients deserve updates

Ask Amy: Clients deserve updates

Nov 01, 2006
By staff

My boss often fails to call pet owners after he performs surgeries to give them updates on their pets. These clients get worried and frustrated, and I feel sorry for them. How can I convince him to spend a little time to reassure these clients?

Dear Worried,

Ouch—this hurts. Would your boss let you call these clients for him? Often knowledgeable team members handle the task of calling pet owners with updates after surgery or anesthesia or when their pets are hospitalized. All you need is the right information and the ability to reassure clients.

If you don't feel comfortable offering to take on this responsibility, is there another team member who could take on this task? Could you ask for training that would prepare you for this job?

Client service is just as important as high-quality medicine. After all, clients can rarely judge the medicine or surgery your practice offers, but they will judge the practice and the doctor based upon the service they receive. Good luck.