Are your good looks costing you?

Are your good looks costing you?

Women spend too much on cosmetics, study says.
Aug 19, 2008
By staff

Showing up to work looking professional is important for veterinary team members. But are some women taking it too far? A new report from the nonprofit YWCA says that women may be risking their financial well-being in their quest to look good.

The report, called Beauty at Any Cost, says that U.S. women spend about $7 billion a year on cosmetics and beauty products. That's an average of $100 a month for every woman. If a woman saved and invested that money every month, after five years she'd have collected enough to pay for a year's worth of tuition and fees at an in-state public college, the report calculated.

Thinking about retirement? If you skip your monthly manicure and pedicure and put that $50 into your retirement account every month for 10 years, the report says you'll amass almost $10,000 in that time period.

The bottom line: Balance is key. It's OK to spend a little at the beauty counter as long as you save a little—and remember that your practice and patients value you regardless of whether you moisturized last night.