8 signs of a positive practice culture

8 signs of a positive practice culture

Use the Culture Index to identify areas of improvement.
Aug 31, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Marianne Mallonee, hospital administrator and part owner of Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital in Wheat Ridge, Colo., knows a thing or two about poor practice culture. She openly admitted during her "Creating a Positive Work Culture" session at the CVC in Kansas City, that her own practice could use a little more positivity these days.

In a word, practice culture is the "feel" of a hospital. So, what does a healthy culture feel like? A positive workplace should feel like a perfect fit. Your goals, values, and beliefs should be in line with those of the practice, Mallonee says.

A great benchmark Mallonee uses to assess practice positivity is the Culture Index, taken from a recent American Management Association survey on corporate culture. To see if your practice culture is on the right path, take a look at these eight characteristics associated with a positive culture:

1. Encourages cooperation, not competition

2. Fosters trust among employers and employees

3. Encourages innovation

4. Quickly responds to change

5. Is aligned with the practice's strategy

6. Sets and meets goals

7. Involves every team member in decision-making

8. Brings out the best in you

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