6 tips to thank your veterinary receptionists on May 14

Take a minute to offer heartfelt recognition for your in-the-trenches team members who wow pet owners every day with their bright smiles, can-do attitudes and team spirit.
May 12, 2014
By dvm360.com staff

1. Pot a plant. A living plant offers a lasting reminder of your appreciation long after the celebration ends.

2. Pencil a poem. Heartfelt words in Haiku, limerick or free verse may strike the right chord for lyric-minded team members.

3. Give a gift card. Price isn’t important, but do let yourself be influenced by who you’re buying for. If you know Kathy loves coffee and Sally loves soda, let their preferences guide the gift cards you give. They will notice and appreciate your attention to their tastes.

4. Offer a shout out on social media. For your team members who thrive on public recognition, a Facebook post or tweet in their honor will generate lots of warm fuzzies. Just remember to recognize your team members who prefer a subtler recognition in ways that are rewarding to them.

5. Feed your friends. Whether it’s a Mexican-themed potluck or the soup du jour, a little care in the kitchen could spell big love in your practice if you tap into your team’s tastes.

6. Buy the book. Show your team members you’re committed to their career and their long-term learning with the gift of the newly updated dvm360 Veterinary Receptionist’s Handbook, Third Edition. Just remember to pen a personal note on the inside flap about how much you appreciate your team member’s commitment to your practice and your team.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images