5 reasons veterinary team members haven't gotten a raise yet

If you're waiting for your raise still, remember that many practice owners are also waiting eagerly to offer you one. Marianne Mallonee, CVPM, encourages you to offer the benefit of the doubt to practice owners who may be playing financial catch-up and consider these reasons for the delay:
Aug 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

1 Even as revenues are up in some practices, expenses are also climbing.

2 Some practices took out a line of credit, and they may be paying it back.

3 Some practices went to cash-on-delivery for products and are now trying to re¬establish relationships with vendors.

4 Some owners are choosing to save more to have a cash reserve to protect the practice from future financial challenges.

5 Your practice owner may have made sacrifices, like not cashing her own paycheck, to make sure she could keep team members on payroll.