5 country music lessons

5 country music lessons

The winners of the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards aren't just whistling Dixie. They're singing sage advice. Take a look at their chart-topping song titles for career inspiration and guidance.
May 01, 2009

Les is more

Brad Paisley, top male vocalist

Don't over think problems. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest.

Help me, help you

Julianne Hough, top new artist and female vocalist

Let struggling team members know they're not alone by pitching in whenever or however you can.

You're gonna miss this

Trace Adkins, single record of the year

Take time every day to make a list of why you love your job.

Nothing grows in shadows

Jake Owen, top new male vocalist

Step out of your comfort zone. Ask for additional responsibilities or pursue some CE.

Tell me why

Taylor Swift, song from album of the year

Remember, what's a no-brainer to you can be dumbfounding to clients. Be sure to explain details about services their pets need.