4 ways to show clients the value

4 ways to show clients the value

A tightly honed message helps ensure clients see the value of your care and follow your advice—two important steps on the path to making sure pets live long, healthy lives.
Nov 01, 2009

Brenda Tassava, CVPM
As the saying goes, perception is reality. Despite the fact that your practice offers high-quality care, clients won't get the message unless you translate it for them. Follow these tips to convey the value of your services. You'll improve clients' compliance and keep their pets healthier.

1 Choose your words wisely

Replace words like could, hopefully, and recommend with strong ones like should and needs. Consider these examples:

Wrong: "Fluffy could use a dental cleaning. Hopefully, in the near future you might be able to schedule that?"

Right: "Mrs. Jones, Fluffy needs a dental cleaning within the next three months. Let's schedule the appointment now, so we have a plan to prevent her periodontal disease from worsening."

The "right" statement stresses the importance of avoiding future problems. It also directly requests an appointment and gives clients a time frame to choose without resorting to high-pressure sales.

I also suggest saying treatment plan instead of estimate. The preferred phrase addresses the medical issues of a family member, rather than sounding like something you get before fixing a car.