4 sure-fire tips to achieve your resolutions

4 sure-fire tips to achieve your resolutions

Dec 28, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Regardless of whether you're making New Year's resolutions to improve in your job at the veterinary practice or in your personal life, it's no fun to realize by Jan. 2 that what you hope to achieve is never going to happen. So why not resolve to set smarter goals this time around? Here are some tips to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions from mynewyearsresolution.info:

1. List everything.

When deciding on your goals, start by jotting down anything that comes to mind. This will help you see everything you want to get done, and you can pick out what’s most important to you. Pick something you’re genuinely attracted to and like—if you don’t you could loose interest in a few weeks. Also, your goals don’t have to be from you alone, they can be something another individual suggests. In the end, pick what you want to get done—and write it down.

2. Determine a method of action.

Now that you’ve chosen your goals, you need to think of ways to achieve them. So make sure your goals are measurable. It will be much easier to achieve them if you can measure your progress with a number. For example, if you’re planning on losing weight, your method of action can be an exercise schedule to reflect your training. If you want to change something about the way you do something, you can write out exactly how you want to do it in the future.

3. Spread the word.

Tell anyone who will listen that you have New Year’s resolutions and intend to keep them. When your friends and family see you’re getting off track, they can motivate you. If you keep your goals a secret, the chances you’ll stay proactive aren’t high. It’s important to keep a detailed progress report; you can write one once or twice a week. At the end of the year, this will give you a great overall picture of how you changed your habit.

4. Don’t quit.

Don’t expect to achieve your goals by the end of the first six weeks—stick with your goal for the long haul. And you will have obstacles to jump over, so be flexible. Don’t let one problem hold you down. Get back up and follow through till the end.