3 steps to pierce veterinary clients' vaccine concerns

3 steps to pierce veterinary clients' vaccine concerns

Avoid blowups and miscommunication by teaching your team to offer pointed information about your vaccination protocols.
Jul 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

Routine vaccine conversations can quickly balloon into difficult talks when you least expect it. Share these tools at your next team meeting to ensure clients follow your practice's protocols to protect pets.

1 Know your role

Everyone, from receptionist and practice manager to technician and assistant, can make sure pets don't miss important vaccinations. You can head to http://dvm360.com/vaccineroles for a breakdown of how each team member can help safeguard pets' health.

2 Get to the point

Start by discussing common reasons pet owners refuse vaccinations. For example, some pet owners have questions about adverse reactions, while others believe choosing not to vaccinate their pets doesn't hurt anyone else. You can find sample scripts that demonstrate how to answer these common client concerns and others at http://dvm360.com/vaccinescripts and turn each team member into a communication pro.

Of course, sometimes it's a little harder to deflate clients' worries. To help your team members puncture persistent myths and correct misunderstandings about vaccinations, use the Q&A at http://dvm360.com/vaccinefacts.

3 Poke around for ways to improve

Finally, it's important to make sure your storage and handling procedures for vaccines are tiptop. Check out http://dvm360.com/safevaccine for a brush-up course on proper cold-chain management practices to follow when working with veterinary vaccines.

Remember, every team member plays an important role in exploding vaccination myths, so offer everyone the education they need to help you protect pets.