3 free client education videos for your veterinary practice website

Jul 22, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

Posting educational videos on your veterinary practice's website attracts visitors and keeps pets healthy. But finding the time to make these videos can be tough. To help, we've made a few that you can use for free.

We worked with veterinarians, team members, and clients at Olathe Animal Hospital in Olathe, Kan., to create the following clips (click the links below to view the videos):

• How to brush a pet's teeth

• How to give pets an injection

• How to give cats a pill

To post these videos on your own website, just follow these instructions. The videos will look like they're part of your site, and you can even customize the color and size of the video player.

For more ideas about how to make your website attractive and useful to pet owners, check out the related links below.