2 questions for scary conflicts

2 questions for scary conflicts

After you get a complaint, but before you make a decision as a veterinary practice owner or manager about employee discipline or big process changes, this kennel-attendant-turned-practice-owner told conference-goers to ask themselves and others two important questions.
Nov 06, 2018

Jenn Galvin (Photo courtesy of Uncharted)It seems a lot of people in veterinary practice hate conflict, says Jenn Galvin, owner and administrator of Advanced Animal Care in Fort Mohave, Arizona. But she shared a concise yet passionate tip with attendees from the Uncharted veterinary community at the Get Sh*t Done conference in Greenville, North Carolina, in October.

Conflict is necessary, and it can be good—provided you 1) get the whole story about a problematic situation from everyone involved and 2) head into potential contentious conversations with a proactive plan.

Galvin says she does this with two questions: Ask everyone concerned, "What happened?" before you make decisions about missed or unfinished tasks, team conflict or client complaints. And, second, ask yourself heading into these conversations: "What positive stuff can I leave this conversation with?"

Galvin told conference goers not to head into conflict without a plan, but also not to tell themselves stories or make decisions without the whole story.