10-minute drill: parasite prevention

10-minute drill: parasite prevention

These three game-winning plays will take your team members through their paces with activities to refresh your parasite prevention skills and educate clients.
May 01, 2013
By dvm360.com staff

Take a time-out at your next team meeting to practice a few quick drills that offer a refresher course for your practice's parasite prevention program. These three new tools and exercises are designed to help you keep your message fresh and recharge your team.

1. Make a game plan

Even if you've written practice protocols before, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes reviewing your practice's plan of attack and making sure everyone has each part memorized. Use the team tools— "Parasite prevention: What's your role?" and "Build your team's protocol"—at http://dvm360.com/parasiterole to review your plays and make any last-minute substitutions you need to ensure every client hears your parasite message.

2. Practice winning passes

Next, schedule a little practice time with your team members to make sure no one fumbles these critical conversations with clients. Practice role-playing and use the instructions in "Sample scripts and role-play" available at http://dvm360.com/parasitescript, to write sample scripts to answer the top questions clients ask at your practice.

3. Handouts score points with clients

Finally, make sure you don't drop the ball by sending clients home empty-handed. Client handouts, such as "7 myths about Lyme disease," available at http://dvm360.com/Lymemyths, help pet owners get the whole family in the game of prevention, even if some of them miss the education you offered at the pet's visit.

Remember, when you work in a veterinary practice, every day is game day. Even if you don't win over every client, you can be proud of your work as a team to protect pets' health.